Mar 17, 2015

Introduction To Florida Governor Rick Scott's Role As Swing State Trouble Maker In The GOP (Jeb Bush's Successor)

Background: Larry Wilmore On Florida's Republican Governor Rick Scott Banning The Word "Climate Change" & It's Free Speech Implications

On banning 'climate change' in Florida - Chris Hayes talks about an informal policy that reportedly prohibited officials at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection from uttering the phrase

The Romney campaign asks Rick Scott to downplay Florida's job gains since they only help Obama...

"Bad economic news is great news for Mitt Romney, so conservatives must drag everyone down in the dumps to get America back on track."

 i.e. Romney's test of truth telling = "If it ain't broke, insist that it is..."

'Sunshine State' spurns solar power potential - Rachel Maddow reports on how the state of Florida, despite its sunny disposition (and marketing), is cutting back solar energy incentives and goals, letting power companies off the hook over the objections of clean energy advocates.

Climate Change Highlighted

Jeb Bush

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