Mar 30, 2015

GOP, Fox News & NRA Have Been Pushing Limitless Guns (& No Background Checks) For A Long Time, Is It Really A Surprise That Some Get Used On Spring Break

Just saw Hannity talking about how there was s hooting on spring break on some beach. The lady on screen assures him that they want to block guns during spring break. I thought I should point out that Fox News & the NRA are, no doubt, connected to that shooting as they are to many others (such as the Newtown shooter).
Fox News Caught Lying;
VIDEO HIGHLIGHT - Caught Red Handed Lying: Eric Bolling says 'who's the jackass who blamed gun violence on video games' and turns out he was talking about himself. (Reminds me of the hypocrisy I have to deal with whenever I watch Fox News - which is rare - too bad I don't have a Pastor who can watch it and distill it down to something I can feel comfortable with!)

The Colbert Report
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Update April 4 2015

It occurred to me that one of the reasons the GOP (& it's media wing Fox News) might be opposing background checks is because background checks would make it difficult for white supremacist ex-cons to get guns.

Why? The logic goes like this:

GOP has links to white supremacists & given their policies (such as the Southern Strategy & it's offshoots) and are exactly what white supremacist groups would want in a representative. Since we know the GOP plays to the rightest wing of it's base, I think it's reasonable to assume that the GOP answers - in a great part, if not completely - to it's white supremacist base which provide them with their most ardent activists for elections.

GOP has been creating chaos in it's public policy making for a long time. Yes, calling them ideological will work for 25% of the country that their core base is composed of. Yet most people prefer actual results to religious economic theories. SO the GOP's insistence on pushing policies that have been historically proven to be bad for the American economy, again and again, including their most recent establishment chosen one's same old bad economics with new packing (Jeb Bush) . And all of this may work for the media has a "religious thing" but will affect the regular voters perception of them (if they learn the truth).

In other words, the GOP can be said to purposely pass laws to hurt people (based on the consistent results of thier actions and public policies). Such as a hate group would i.e. they are simply lying.

So... how do you increase chaos that is in line with your public policy? Answer: By making it easier for white supremacist ex-cons to get guns.

Thus the GOP opposition to background checks for guns that ignore most of the countries opinions on the topic.


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