Mar 10, 2015

GOP 2016 Candidates 2 - Scott Walker: Some Of The Worst Economic Caretakers In The Country Fight For The GOP Nomination


Scott Walker is clearly one of the worst economic caretakers in the country who lied before about what his fake economics could do and is lying again.

Proof 1;

From Politifact:

Proof 2; 

In Wisconsin’s pivotal race for governor, both sides are still spinning voters.
  • Republican Gov. Scott Walker is crowing about a gain of 8,400 jobs last month, when the actual gain in total jobs was only 300.
  • Walker is saying his state now ranks in the “top four” in the Midwest for job creation. But the state’s job gains still lag behind the national average.
  • A liberal group is attacking Walker for creating a tax deduction of up to $10,000 for “millionaires … to send their kids to private schools.” But the deduction is for parochial schools, too. And parents of any income level can benefit.
  • Ads even suggest Wisconsin voters may find arsenic in their drinking water because Walker approved an open-pit iron mine for a campaign donor. The mine is actually years away from final approval and would be subject to state and federal environmental regulation.
  • A business group’s ad attacking Democratic nominee Mary Burke suggests her performance as head of the state’s Department of Commerce was responsible for a loss of 130,000 jobs. In fact, the state gained nearly 50,000 jobs during her tenure.
Walker’s Jobs Record
Walker’s hopes for remaining on the national stage are riding on a lead in the polls so narrow that it’s within the statistical margin of error, and the race is rated as a toss-up. In Septemberwe found that both sides were playing “spin the voter” over Walker’s record on job creation, and that hasn’t changed in the final flurry of ads before Election Day.
In a TV spot released Oct. 22, and titled “Continuing Wisconsin’s Comeback,” Walker cobbles together some cherry-picked statistics to embellish his economic record.
  • Walker says that “just last month our reforms helped create 8,400 new jobs.” Not quite. As a graphic in the ad makes clear, Walker is only speaking of private-sector jobs. The state’s gain in total employment for September was actually a paltry 300 jobs. The governor is glossing over big drops in local government jobs.
  • Walker also says, “Wisconsin now ranks in the top four states in the Midwest for private-sector job growth.” It’s true that Wisconsin ranks fourth among the 10 Midwestern states he lists in his ad in job gains over the most recent 12 months, but it ranks fifth (in both private and total jobs) among the 12 states that make up the “Midwest” under the U.S. Census Bureau’s definition. Walker omits Missouri and Kansas.
Midwestern Job Gains Walker's Full TermThe fact is that over Walker’s full term in office, which beganJan. 3, 2011, the state’s job gains have been well below the national average, and rank (in percentage terms) only ninth among all 12 Midwestern states.
Our calculations are based on seasonally adjusted figures for total nonfarm employment from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Current Employment Survey, which is the most timely and most commonly used measure of employment at the state and national levels. It is also the source cited by Walker’s ad to support his “top four” claim.

Proof 3;

Wisconsin Lags behind on National Average defying Scott Walkers claims to a good economic plan (he just benefited from the WHOLE country's economy improving)

Scott Walker

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