Mar 26, 2015

Dick Cheney Said Iraq Was A 'Black Hole' In 1994 & 'Easily Conquerable' In 2002, Contradicting Himself. Media Blows Story.

Original 1994 Video Where Dick Cheney contradicts himself so completely On Iraq;

Dick Cheney explains how Iraq would fall apart if we invaded in 1994:
Since there has been no media explanation or investigation of the matter most people still believe that "Iraq was invaded for 9/11" (or did the explanation morph into we did it for the WMD's for which we had no evidence & still don't?). It's hard to remember what explanation the American people are using to remain in denial about what their government is doing.

The matter was so ridiculous that Jon Stewart made fun of it. Fox News & the rest of the media have never cleared up the misconception that the Iraq War was based on a lie.

Daily Show: Cheney literally said Iraq would be a quagmire before invading it...

Iraq War Highlighted

Media Mysteries

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