Mar 24, 2015

Daily Show: Was The 9/11 Commission Compromised? (Answer is YES!)

A collection of very troubling Daily Show videos on the matter of the lack of transparency with the 9/11 Commision.

On The Censuring Of The 911 Commission: "I think there are things they knew which they didn't share with the public" Philip Shenon...

Thomas Kean talks about the process of getting over two million documents in spite of bipartisan resistance to the 9/11 commission. (7:17):

Then there was the opposition to the 9/11 commission followed by reports of 9/11 commission shenanigans by the Bush Administation (Why?)

• O'Reilly falsely claimed Bush didn't oppose 9-11 Commission. O'Reilly defended President George W. Bush from a Kerry-Edwards '04 TV ad highlighting Bush's opposition to creation of the 9-11 Commission by denying that Bush had ever opposed the commission. In fact, Bush did oppose the creation of the 9-11 Commission. (10/21/04)

Daily Show: Dick Cheney doesn't recall Richard Clarke warning the White House of an imminent terrorist attack months before 9/11:

The sheer lackof accountability that existed in the Bush Administration just boggles the mind;

Vice President Dick Cheney took time out of his busy schedule of not revealing anything to deliver a harsh anti-John Kerry speech. (4:54):

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Relevant Moments Of Zen:

President Bush justifies torture in the past by asking his detractors about which attack we'd rather have not stopped. (0:12):

Moment of Zen: "President George W. Bush and Dick Cheney had a good conversation with the 9/11 commission." 

Headlines - Blame - Former Secretaries of State and Defense from the Bush and Clinton administrations, along with former counterterrorism chief Richard Clarke, testify before the 9/11 Commission. (9:54)

It's clear that Richard Clarke's testimony, if taken seriously, would certainly have implicated the Bush Administration in purposely letting the attacks happen... given JUST how much evidence couldn't be hidden from the public;

The Clinton administration left the Bush administration with only a series of actionable items listed together on a piece of paper, not a plan. (8:11) {This is what the whole 'Clinton should have got Bin Laden' episode was about, Bush's "incompetence"}:


9/11 Commission: Clarke's Testimony - Richard Clark has seen the Washington matrix for what it is, and now he's trying to force feed us the red pill. (2:50):

The following video compares and contrasts the difference in which an investigation was handled in the UK as opposed to here in the US... and makes it clear that this was a VERY strange investigation as Bush & Cheney seem to have dictated the rules of the inquiry and didn't even put their replies on the official record!

Accountability in the U.K. - David Cameron Kills it 


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