Mar 24, 2015

Daily Show To CNN, MSNBC & Fox News: I Wish You Were Drunk Cause That Would Explain Your Coverage

DUI: Washington - The Secret Service gets into trouble when two senior agents are caught drunk driving, and members of the news media also struggle to effectively do their jobs. (3:33)


It starts off like any news day, with the news highlighting a horrific accident that was covered up;

Even in the simulations of what happened you barely see the bump, there is no damage... even the fence barely moved and is certainly not broken, i.e. even in the news media's simulations there was no major crash (no crash at all really);

Then Jon Stewart mocks the news media for over reporting a bump... technically it shouldn't have made the news cast. It's not like there are no stories to cover. In any case, the news media made a non-news item sound like a car chase through the White House;

It's just the media at work not doing its job, as usual...

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