Mar 5, 2015

Daily Show Smashes Media For Much Ado About Nothing Over Hillary Clinton's Emails


GOP Hypocrisy Over Hillary Clinton's Emails Outlined

Note: It may be that the media is not doing it's job because it's scared of the GOP. So instead they seek to appease the GOP and it's base by succumbing to thier will while covering up the GOP's sins.

Dirty Rodham Scandal- A controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton's email practices during her tenure as Secretary of State may compromise her 2016 election plans. (8:49)

Moment Of Zen:

Moment of Zen - Wow -  Democratic political adviser Paul Begala thinks that Republicans are being over-sensitive in their response to Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's email controversy. (0:16)

Democrats break a minor rule and the media goes crazy over it. The GOP break major laws,  mislead the nation into war,  commit treason... not even a peep from the media. Clearly, the media is biased.

Related Video:

Maddow gets real on the Clinton e-mails - Rachel Maddow separates distills what's important about the Hillary Clinton e-mail story and talks with Ann Gearan, national politics reporter for The Washington Post, about whether Clinton is at a disadvantage for not having more primary competition.

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