Mar 9, 2015

Clear Proof That The Media Creates Public Opinion (Example of Fear-mongering For A Ground War Against ISIS)

Chris Hayes analyses how the media has influence public opinion so much that the polls have gone from "lets not invade" (no boots on the ground) to "lets invade"(yes, boots on the ground) in 3 short months.

62% now favor reinvading Iraq - The new Quinnipiac poll shows the impact of a political and media environment that feels eerily similar to the runup to the last Iraq War.

Now the percent of people who want to invade Iraq is at 62%...

Approximately 3 months ago it was at 37%...

What can explain the difference? The media with it's marketing of views that their corporate masters (who tend to be GOP) deem appropriate to thier goals...

We now know scary picture repeated gets results (certainly explains why the media liked to play the 9/11 plane impact so many times and why they do it repeatedly on the 9/11 anniversary)...

Here is a rare video of the media congratulating itself for riling up the population into war using graphic images and heated rhetoric. (I've seen another example of this in one other place where the power of the media ti create public opinion and thus policy (Maddow?) but forgot to book mark the video)...

The following is an example of the media turning down the rhetoric on a target group it seeks to protet for some strange and ill-advised reason...

People are getting manipulated way too easily. There is a way to reduce the scope of this wort of emotional manipulation by the media. Restart the draft and led the media warmongers lead the way.

If the public wants ground troops, restart the draft - With mounting evidence the drumbeat for war in the Middle East is having an impact on public opinion, the only way to avoid repeating history may be for us all to have more skin in the game.

If you are in a position of authority and you lie to people, obviously they will believe you. If you use fear mongering in addition to sounding convincing about your war mongering theories, you got a war on your hands. That's how the Iraq war was created and that's how Netantyahu & the GOP are preparing to convince people to go to war with Iran. Clearly, getting the nation ready for war is way too easy. If you are going to make life and death decisions then you should have some skin in the game. It's only fair.

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