Mar 22, 2015

Chris Christie Caught Betraying His New Jersey Constituents for Big Campaign Bucks (A Form Of Legalized Bribery)


Jersey Ploys & Pardon the Corruption - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie negotiates a settlement that favors ExxonMobil, and Senator Bob Menendez is accused of taking campaign gifts from an ophthalmologist. (9:23)


Exxon caused allot of damage and the State was deciding how much Exxon had to pay to deal with the damages;

Chris Christie decided to intervene on behalf of the State and give the multi-Billion dollar oil corporation a break while allowing the tax payers to bear the burden of all the damage Exxon caused ... as a result Chris Christie will get more money for a political campaign or just for himself (the laws are very loose on how the money can be used, it's basically a form of legalized bribery like the legalized insider trading thing Congress did for itself to make some quick bucks);


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Does this reveal a pattern of behaviour?

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