Mar 10, 2015

Bill O Reilly (The Liar) Declares He Won His War On Christmas Despite Not Meeting His Stated Goals (He Was Trying To Beat Me!)

I have a website on Bill O Reilly where I caught him for being a totalitarian here and here. His outburst last Christmas, I think,is directly related to me pestering him with facts and truths. Lets begin the analysis; 

Bill declares he won the war he started on Christmas despite not meeting his goals...

Bill O’Reilly The Savior Of Christmas (His Words, Not Ours)

Bill O'Reilly, who has become Christianity's General Patton in the so-called “War on Christmas," declared victory on Wednesday.

“We won the war," O'Reilly said on his Fox News show after learning that a recent Pew survey found 72 percent of Americans say Christian symbols like Nativity scenes should be allowed on government property.

Bill has made it clear, in the past, that ANYONE not saying "Merry Christmas" is offensive to him.
Above at 3 mins 45 seconds: "Seasons Greetings and happy holidays, Bill, does not offend Christians" : Reply by Bill O'Reilly, "Yes, it does."

 i.e. Bill O'Reilly is telling Christians who watch his show that they SHOULD be offended if they are not greeted with a Christmas greeting that they approve of.
Based on his previously stated goals, he has actually lost the "war on Christmas" because 28% of Americans are saying Christian symbols like the Nativity SHOULDN'T"T be allowed (extrapolating from the same poll that Bill is, for some strange reason, excited about). 
Related article: How is Bill O’Reilly Ruining Christmas This Year?

Why is Bill suddenly claiming victory over his war on Christmas without the facts to back his previously established goals and trying to defend himself by saying he is not Stalin (despite the facts I blogged about & kindly sent to him)?

Coincidence? I sent The Following Tweet To Bill


Basically, This Is What I Said To Him...

A way in which Bill O Reilly & Fox News managed to hurt people Christmas, in accordance with it's previous behavior which it does continuously,,,

1. "We all know Christmas is everyone's favorite holiday" Jon Stewart

True. How can it not be with al the lights & music that start over a month in advance (adding to the cheery atmosphere that goes with the spirit of the season) and the gifts.

2. 'But we know that Christmas is under siege by someone' Jon Stewart

True. It's under siege by Fox News. They have turned to season of good cheer to one of bad cheer. I wish I could say this is the first time but it's not. Recently, they got a Judge killed & a Congresswoman shot in the head with their rhetoric and not only did they not face any consequences for their actions but lied about it as well.

Here are the most recent results of Fox News "reporting" (hey, at least this time they didn't get someone killed! But of course, Fox news still exists so I'm sure they will get someone killed again. It's just a matter of time... afterall, they managed to get some good people get death threats & that's just from 10 minutes or research!):
Arizona Woman Gets Punched for Saying ‘Happy Holidays’ Instead of ‘Merry Christmas’
Kristina Vindiola Gets Punched For Saying 'Happy Holidays:' Salvation Army Volunteer Harassed For Not Saying 'Merry Christmas'

3. On top of that, Megyn Kelly decides to make an issue out of race on Christmas. I guess they can't have Santa for Christians in China cause they are Chinese? Talk about making a holiday of inclusion and good cheer one of exclusion and bad cheer. Geez.

The Daily Show covers this black-hearted weirdness in detail:

Weird Edition - Black Santa - Fox News debates Santa Claus's ethnic background, and  Jessica Williams concludes that Santa Claus could not possibly be black.   (04:55) : 
It gets funnier ... Jon Stewart catches Megyn Kelly lying... again! (Is The Daily Show the only journalism on Cable?)

White Santa & Megyn Kelly's Apology - Megyn Kelly responds to critics challenging her assertion that both Jesus and Santa Claus were white men.  (03:23) : 

Side Note: Is Bill trying to pretend his beliefs are like mine? ...
The Daily Show: The War on Christmas: Friendly Fire Edition - Bill O'Reilly's Philosophy
  • Aired:  12/03/12
Bill O'Reilly hands atheists another thing that they can't believe. (2:48)



 At 33 secs where Bill O Reilly says Christianity is not a Religion its a philosophy he was copying me here. The only difference is that I can prove it. i.e. In ancient history 2 seperate forms of Buddhism emerged. One was a philosophical one and the other a religious one. The Philosophical one is the "Mahayana" or "the Greater Vehicle". It is the Southern Buddhism which no longer exists in Northern India, Tibet or Japan that Bill O Reilly could be referring to... or maybe he's just doing some sort of frame, saying that I'm lying & I'm a part of religion. If so I don't know why. I'm in Pakistan. People are peaceful here. I guess no one has seen the actual statistics of deaths in America? (see article extract below)

Anyways, I have explained Zen Buddhism (the philosophical path of Buddhism) in more detail here.

At 2 mins Bill O Reilly says Chirstianity has no organized form. Now he's talking about the Muslims! I posted this to facebook somewhere, but I can never find anything on facebook anymore. Anyways, Bill O Reilly must not be Catholic if he doesn't know about the Roman Catholic Church (the most organized form of religion there can be i.e. with an abosolute patriarch). I wonder who he thinks the Pope is? Himself?

More Proof of Bill O Reilly Copying Me

Note: It seems like Bill has started to blatantly take my blog posts and pretending that he came up with it and tries to use it to frame liberals. It would be believable if it wasn't for the dates of my original blog posts. For your perusal (my blog posts from 2011)...

The Ideological Debate Between... Jobs vs. Budgeting

[Modern Fundamentalism] - Law 27: Play On People's Need to Believe to Create A Cultlike Following (part 1)

Clincher That Bill Is Taking The Lefts Clueless Explanations On The GOP & Fox News Lies

Daily Show - Dancing on the Ceiling
  • Aired:  07/12/11
  •  | Views: 109,951
Republicans' refusal to accept any tax increases to help America out of debt is like a doctor believing strictly in magic to cure a patient. (5:46)

Side Note: The Whole "Left is an ideologue not us" narrative now seems channel wide (& apparently on Rush Limbaugh's show as well!)  so now would be a good time to expose it.

Dan Bongino: De Blasio has an ideological problem - Dec. 22, 2014 - 5:03 - Reaction to NYC mayor's remarks

I Smash The #1 Show On Cable News (Bill O Reilly)

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