Mar 10, 2015

Benghazi Flashback With The Daily Show: The Hillary Chronicles (Dealing With An Out Of Context Soundbite)

Grill Hill - Benghazi Sound Bites Aired: 01/24/13 - An out-of-context sound bite proves the biggest takeaway from Hillary Clinton's Congressional hearing on Benghazi. (1:49)

Grill Hill Aired: 01/24/13 - Instead of facing a thorough inquiry and critical analysis of the misjudgments leading to the Benghazi tragedy, Hillary Clinton is questioned by House Republicans. (3:13)

Grill Hill - Hillary Clinton's Benghazi Testimony Aired: 01/24/13 - Hillary Clinton and House Republicans tussle over Benghazi, while House Democrats battle for a spot in Clinton's future cabinet. (4:06) 

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13 Benghazis That Occurred on Bush’s Watch Without a Peep from Fox News

A telling article by Mother Jones:
It's hard to exaggerate just how remarkable this document is. It's not that the committee found nothing to criticize. They did. The State Department facility in Benghazi had inadequate security. Some of the early intelligence after the attacks was inaccurate. The CIA should have given more weight to eyewitnesses on the ground.
But those are routine after-action critiques, ones that were fully acknowledged by the very first investigations. Beyond that, every single conspiracy theory—without exception—was conclusively debunked. There was no stand down order. The tactical response was both reasonable and effective under the circumstances. The CIA was not shipping arms from Libya to Syria. Both CIA and State received all military support that was available. The talking points after the attack were fashioned by the intelligence community, not the White House. Susan Rice followed these talking points in her Sunday show appearances, and where she was wrong, it was only because the intelligence community had made incorrect assessments. Nobody was punitively reassigned or polygraphed or otherwise intimidated to prevent them from testifying to Congress.
Read that list again. Late on a Friday afternoon, when it would get the least attention, a Republican-led committee finally admitted that every single Benghazi conspiracy theory was false. There are ways that the response to the attacks could have been improved, but that's it. Nobody at the White House interfered. Nobody lied. Nobody prevented the truth from being told.
It was all just manufactured outrage from the beginning. But now the air is gone. There is no scandal, and there never was.

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