Mar 19, 2015

A List Of What Rupert Murdoch Owns: Fox News. Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, Fox Business, Dow Jones...

This post cobbles together information on Rupert Murdoch which is generally left out of the repetitive media narratives because it doesn't look good to be using information all from the same source, but they do it all the time anyways (such as Joe on Morning Joe loves to quote from Rupert Murdoch's "Wall Street Journal" which was a dead giveaway as to where his loyalties truly lie.

Businesses include the FOX Broadcasting Company; the 27 stations in the Fox Television Stations group and various television operations throughout the world. Cable properties produce and license programming for cable and satellite platforms in the U.S and Asia, including the FOX News Channel and FOX Business Network, FX and STAR. News Corporation wholly owns Italy’s most popular pay-TV company, SKY Italia. The company also has significant holdings in British Sky Broadcasting, Germany’s Sky Deutschland; Asia’s TATA SKY and FOXTEL in Australia and New Zealand.
The list includes:
FOX Broadcasting Company; FOX Sports; FOX Sports Australia; FOX Television Stations; MyNetworkTV; Big Ten Network; FOX Business Network; FOX Movie Channel; FOX News Channel; FOX College Sports; FOX Sports Enterprises; FOX Deportes; FOX Sports Net; FOX Soccer Channel; Fuel TV; FX; Nat Geo Wild; National Geographic Channel United States; National Geographic Channel Worldwide; Speed; STAR; Stats, Inc.;  BSkyB; FOXTEL; Sky Deutschland; SKY Italia.
Movie and television production and distribution
Move production and distribution through Fox Filmed Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Film. Television production includes 20th Century Fox Television and other TV studios.
The list includes:
20th Century Fox; 20th Century Fox Espanol; 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment; 20th Century Fox International; 20th Century Fox Television; Fox Searchlight Pictures; Fox Studios Australia; Fox Studios LA; Fox Television Studios; Blue Sky Studios; Shine Group.
Other assets
"Next generation" media properties including Hulu, an online video joint venture with NBC Universal and Disney; and News Outdoor, an outdoor advertising company.
The list includes:
American; AskMen;;;;;;; IGN Entertainment; Milkround; National Rugby League; NDS;; News Digital Media; News Outdoor; Scout; Spring Widgets;; WhatIfSport.

News Corp. holdings including three national newspapers in the U.K.; almost 150 publications in Australia; the New York Post and Community Newspaper Group in the United States; The Wall Street Journal and related publications in the U.S., Europe and Asia; Dow Jones information services;
HarperCollins book publishers. The list includes:
Daily Telegraph; Dow Jones; Harper Collins Publishers; Herald Sun; Inside Out; New York Post; News International; NT News; Post-Courier; Sunday Herald Sun; Sunday Mail; Sunday Times; The Advertiser; The Australian; The Courier-Mail; The Daily; The Mercury; The Sunday Mail; The Sunday Telegraph; The Sun; The Sunday Times; The Times; Times Literary Supplement; The Wall Street Journal; The Wall Street Journal Digital Network; Weekly Times; Zondervan.

Colbert Report slams Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch Purchases The Wall Street Journal - Stephen wonders if Rupert Murdoch has instead taken over Reuters, who were first to report the story. (0:39)

Article: Wall Street Journal is owned by Rupert Murdoch 

Murdoch's Media Empire Might Go Down the Toilet - With News of the World gone and BSkyB out of reach, all Rupert Murdoch has to comfort him are a few media companies. (5:34)

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Article background from Wall Street Journal: Rupert Murdoch Contradicts His Previous Testimony In The UK (Tactic Used: 'It's in all other new outlets so it must appear here as well to make this outlet seem legitimate')

Moment Of Zen:

Notice how easily stocks go up & down based on the perception created by events on TV;

Humanized by Pie - After Rupert Murdoch gets hit with a pie, News Corp.'s stocks spike, the English Parliament apologizes, and even the media sharks celebrating his downfall feel bad. (3:43)

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