Mar 30, 2015

9/11 Mysteries: Jon Stewart Claims Rudy Giuliani Doesn't Own 9/11... But Does He? Perhaps Rudy Giuliani Does Own 9/11 Or At Least A Part Of It

Here is Jon Stewart saying that Rudy Giuliani doesn't own 9/11;

Gall of Rudy- Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani sparks controversy when he makes shocking remarks about President Obama's sense of patriotism. (5:21)

& here is Rudy Giuliani caught on tape suggesting he had insider information on at least on of the buildings that fell from a fire that was on just a couple of floors;

 There is Rudy explaining (before running away) howhe knew a building was going to fall but was surprised that it imploded... 

Above Video:He admits the buildings imploded in a surprising fashion and that he knew they would collapse that day "over a period of time". Never happened before, but he says the way other buildings collapse.

Did Rudy Giuliani heed the warning from the CIA and decide to prepare WTC 7 for a collapse as some sort of cover for securities fraud? (SEC was in WTC 7, which fell from a fire on a few floors which is unprecedented in the history of modern architecture)...

Moment of Zen - Condoleezza Rice testifies before the 9/11 investigation commission regarding Osama Bin Laden. (0:23):

Given that no modern skyscraper, except in America, has ever fallen from fire... could Rudy Giuliani be part owner of 9/11? i.e. was WTC 7 Rudy Giuliani's building?

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