Dec 29, 2014

9/11 Mysteries: Popular Mechanic's "WTC 7 Report" Debunked

Background: An Overview Of The Strange Inconsistencies In The OFFICIAL Account Of The 9/11 Incident Using The Daily Show

I like to read. I used to read all the time. Non-fiction mostly. Actually, non-fiction & fiction would have their time, sometimes years reading non-fiction followed by years of reading fiction. The following report seems to be a bit of both.

First, a look at the building in question:

  Same, empty, building from another angle:

Popular Mechanic; GAITHERSBURG, Maryland -- The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released its long-awaited report on the collapse of World Trade 7 following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. "Our take-home message today is that the reason for the collapse of World Trade Center 7 is no longer a mystery," NIST lead investigator Shyam Sunder told journalists at this morning's press conference in Gaithersburg, Md. "WTC 7 collapsed because of fires fueled by office furnishings. It did not collapse from explosives or from diesel fuel fires.

Note: The report says WTC7 didn't collapse from diesel fuel fires because that seems to be the main argument for the collapse of the main WTC's two towers. The other excuse, 'it was the building furnishings' seems to be the main argument here... except for the cartoon collapse NIST came up with.

The building was BARELY on fire (not to mention showing NO MAJOR DAMAGE). Here is a video proving that fact:

FYI: This is what a real fire looks like (& this building didn't collapse like a pancake!):

Popular Mechanic; Conspiracy theorists have long pointed to the collapse of the 47-story structure as key evidence that the U.S. government orchestrated or abetted the 9/11 attacks. No planes struck the building, and the commonly available views of the exterior didn't show significant damage. Yet, at 5:20 pm, 7 hours after the collapse of the Twin Towers (WTC 1 and 2), WTC 7 rapidly fell in on itself. Since WTC 7 housed Secret Service and CIA offices, conspiracy theorists claimed that the building was destroyed in a controlled demolition in order to obliterate evidence of the U.S. government's complicity in the terrorist attacks. "It is impossible for a building to fall the way it fell without explosives being involved," stated actress and TV personality Rosie O'Donnell of ABC's The View in March 2007. "For the first time in history, steel was melted by fire. It is physically impossible," she said. 

One of the most important offices in WTC 7 was the Securities fraud office & Bush was being investigated for securities fraud... a link which NEVER became a part of mainstream media "conversation".

Popular Mechanic; Today's report confirms that a fire was, indeed, the cause. "This is the first time that we are aware of, that a building taller than about 15 stories has collapsed primarily due to fires," Sunder told reporters at the press conference. "What we found was that uncontrolled building fires--similar to fires experienced in other tall buildings--caused an extraordinary event, the collapse of WTC7." The unprecedented nature of the event means that understanding the precise mechanism of the collapse is important not just to answer conspiracy theorists' questions, but to improve safety standards in the engineering of large buildings. 

Here is video evidence of news anchors/reporters knowing the impossible before it happened... 

Strange that although this was the first time anyone had heard of this skyscraper falling from fire phenomenon, Rudy Giuliani knew about it (shows the discrepancy between academics and the anti-science party who couldn't even imagine that architects would find this incident suspicious & telling)

There is Rudy explaining (before running away) how he knew a building was going to fall but was surprised that it imploded... 

Above Video:He admits the buildings imploded in a surprising fashion and that he knew they would collapse that day "over a period of time". Never happened before, but he says the way other buildings collapse.

Interesting testimony: Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen inside building 7

So, despite a building never haven fallen so bizarrely before, the building that Rudy Giuliani seemed to have visited fell exactly like a controlled demolition. Watch

Popular Mechanic; The final report describes how debris from the collapse of WTC 1 ignited fires on at least 10 floors of WTC 7 at the western half of the south face. Fires on Floors 7 through 9 and 11 through 13 burned out of control, because the water supply to the automatic sprinkler system had failed. The primary and backup water supply to the sprinkler systems for the lower floors relied on the city's water supply. Those water lines were damaged by the collapse of WTC 1 and 2. These uncontrolled fires in WTC 7 eventually spread to the northeast part of the building, where the collapse began. 

A very strange narrative. Here is another look at the building THAT REALLY WAS ON FIRE IN MADRID... in pictures:

By comparison, this is an image of a building that caught fire in Madrid, Spain;

Here is a close up of the building after a several hours of the fire... the fire is so hot the metal is bending (WTC7 isn't even a tenth as on fire as this building);

This last picture is the same building after the fire has been put's still standing! (WTC 7 was on less fire & still collapsed FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY because of some cartoon NIST came up with using building architecture that does not exist);

Popular Mechanic; After 7 hours of uncontrolled fires, a steel girder on Floor 13 lost its connection to one of the 81 columns supporting the building. Floor 13 collapsed, beginning a cascade of floor failures to Floor 5. Column 79, no longer supported by a girder, buckled, triggering a rapid succession of structural failures that moved from east to west. All 23 central columns, followed by the exterior columns, failed in what's known as a "progressive collapse"--that is, local damage that spreads from one structural element to another, eventually resulting in the collapse of the entire structure. 

7 hours of uncontrolled fire, once again, science is founded on observation...

First, there were VERY few fires

Second, the collapse wasn't eventual. It was immediate. Exactly like a demolition, i.e....

demolicion estadio-Atlanta Fulton County... by Kimaras

Popular Mechanic; The report clarifies a number of widely debated issues concerning the collapse, particularly the role of the building's many diesel fuel tanks and the importance of structural damage from falling WTC 1 debris. Both of those factors have been cited by investigators as possibly contributing to the collapse; the 2006 Popular Mechanics book Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can't Stand Up to the Facts mentions both hypotheses. However, the final NIST report downplays both scenarios, concluding that the diesel fuel stored in tanks (and intended to power backup generators) did not burn long enough or hot enough to account for structural failures. And, while debris damage to WTC 7's southern exterior was considerable (and initiated the destructive fires), the collapse originated in the northeast portion of the building. In fact, the report concludes: "Even without the structural damage, WTC 7 would have collapsed from fires." 

I just underlined this because I distinctly remember Megyn Kelly arguing that it was debris from WTC 7's two towers that led to the collapse of WTC 7 which sounds really good on paper (especially if you're trying to push the idea that the main WTC 7 collapse because of jet fuel - which can't burn hot enough to melt a steel biulding in hours, much less seconds)... but when you're dealing with video then the problem of debris... and fires... in Dick Cheney's official excuse, becomes apparent.

Popular Mechanic; The report determines that the actual culprit in the collapse was the combustion of ordinary building furnishings: "These uncontrolled fires had characteristics similar to those that have occurred previously in tall buildings." If the sprinkler system in WTC 7 had been working, it is likely that "the fires in WTC 7 would have been controlled and the collapse prevented." The report also suggests that current engineering standards for coping with fire-induced thermal expansion need to be re-examined, particularly for buildings like WTC 7 that have long, unsupported floor spans. A key factor in the collapse, NIST concluded, was the failure of structural "connections that were designed to resist gravity loads, but not thermally induced lateral loads." According to Sunder: "For the first time we have shown that fire can induce a progressive collapse." 

For the first time? Why doesn't the ON THE GROUND FACTS and the explanations add up? (see videos above of Rudy Giuliani as well)

 Popular Mechanic; Spurred by conspiracy theorists' questions, investigators did look specifically at the possibility that explosives were involved. "Hypothetical blast events did not play a role in the collapse of WTC 7," the report states, adding that investigators "found no evidence whose explanation required invocation of a blast event." Moreover, the smallest charge capable of initiating column failure "would have resulted in a sound level of 130 dB [decibels] to 140 dB at a distance of at least half a mile." Witnesses did not report hearing such a loud noise, nor is one audible on recordings of the collapse. 

This sent shivers down my spine...

Firemen Explosion Testimony

9/11 Firemen claiming they heard explosions

11 Truth: NYFD say Explosives brought down Towers

Popular Mechanic; NIST will accept public comment on the final report until Sept. 15, 2008. 

Really? Why not AFTER Bush's term? It's not like his security team ever left anyways.

Popular Mechanic; NIST's press release and other material on the report can be found here. Click here to download the full report in pdf form. The cartoon video NIST made up using computer graphics is here.

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