Aug 20, 2014

The GOP & It's Lying Media Wing (Fox News) EXPOSED

During the Bush years - Fox News (the GOP channel) became embedded in the Federal Government which continues to this day i.e. the Supreme Court protects thier right to lie & deceive the population for political or monetary gain (what? do you think that you get a new President and the entire system changes as well?). Piers Morgan is a great example. He worked for Rupert Murdoch in the News of the World then later won an award on Donald Trump's show (who is supporting Romney as is Murdoch and Fox News). Another great example of how the media have come under the GOP is how Donahue was fired for being anti-war when Dick Cheney & George Bush decided to falsify evidence to invade Iraq (such a big heist, no wonder they took over elements of MSNBC!).... I could go on if I have to but my point is this... all of the media's top journalists and talk shows ARE connected in some way or another and many are even friends. Remember, the simplest way to hide the truth is NOT by lying but simply leaving out enough to actually make your viewer NOT get enough info to know what's going on. For those who don't read I'm referring to the wisdom of C.S. Lewis (the guy who wrote 'The Chronicles of Narnia), i.e. in his fictional guide for Satan's helpers, the lead evil guy gives this advice to his disciple...

 “It is funny how mortals always picture us as putting things into their
minds: in reality our best work is done by keeping things out.”
C.S. Lewis

Fox News are standard crony capitalists that are embedded in the Federal Government... giving more credence to the growing awareness among US Citizens that most of the Federal Government consists of JUST corporations (many policies such as that with Israel OR the healthcare bill were written by lobbyists in consultation with the parties concerned, i.e. corporate interests control public policy!). The following is a diagram of the inter-connectivity of the news media in the Federal Government (Fox News is a part of the Federal Government!)...

[ The above image is edited from "Capitalism Visualized" where MANY of the connections between corporations and the federal government is laid out - I found the link to the above image from (at the bottom of this page) ]

Moving on to understand what exactly Fox News does that is so wrong (it's called lying i.e. making something bad look good by using a nice word for it and/or leaving out information and/or hinting at some truth which is actually a lie). I know it sounds complicated. But Frank Luntz of Fox News gives a pretty good introduction on how to make something bad and morally reprehensible sound good to fool the misinformed...


How to handle an audience and appeal to their feelings:

1. Body language tips,

2. Handling audience tips,

3. Creating a more positive phrase for 'drilling for oil' became 'energy exploration'. (inaccuracy doesn't matter as long as there is a sliver of fact - KISS principle, i.e'. keep it simple stupid),

4. 'climate change' as opposed to 'global warming' ,

5. 'simple truth' (not a lie as it contains a sliver of fact!),

6. 'you decide' to lock in the last manipulative phrase (most of the viewers decisions are based on the views of who they trust... even the books they read ),

7. 'buzz words' - words that people focus on opposed to facts,

8. Use 'simple truth' only once in a discussion or article ?,

9. A criminal getting caught should apologize 3 times, "I'm sorry, I made a mistake, forgive me'

10. Uses the sighing gesture in an interesting way... separating interview reality from fox news manipulations realities,

11. Frank Luntz is marketing a book,which means some this information is open for the public. Not doing so would make people angry so he is being smart.

More information...

Stephen Colbert: I want you to help me make the idea, corporations are people, appealing to Americans. Is that possible?

Frank Luntz: It's gonna be a challenge but I believe it can be done [Learn more about corporations here.]

1. How a group of people is convened to see HOW to market to people and although people start off against corporations they soften and start helping out.

2. A variety of images are tested. Given the environment, the feeling of group sentiments and the feeling invoked by the images on the screen, may have actually helped bring the poeple around to helping create an image for corporations.

3. Based on this focus group Frank Luntz declares that, "...effectively communicating...that 'corporations are people' clearly CAN be done."

(Notice the reflexive reaction by Frank Luntz when Stephen Colbert tries to dip the flag in tea. What other reflexive behavior might he have that could be used to a truth tellers advantage?)

4. Using this information he creates a 30 second add using words and visuals that have been carefully tested to create positive feelings for an idea that is essentially a lie (i.e. a corporation is a legal entity that exists only on paper, clearly NOT a human being or 'person'.) In other words, what Frank Luntz did was create an atmosphere to get useful feedback for a marketing/advertising campaign.

The following Focus Group consists of people who are

1. All Republican,

2. All know they are on live TV,

3. Probably feel sympathy for Mitt Romney because of the 'Mormonism' scandal and that is the cause of the emotional move towards Romney, however, all the reasons given are carefully thought out to look good (it's TV dammit!). Notice some of the words used to support Romney include 'elegant' and 'Reaganesque' which are so subjective that an emotional reason for their explanations make allot of sense...

Participants said Romney "looked presidential," called him "Reaganesque," "elegant," and "decisive," and praised his "specific answers." Perry, on the other hand, was pegged as "too defensive" and "such a waffler." One woman called his support for education for illegal immigrants "absolutely disgusting."

Here is how an add testing works:

Notes from above;

1. Topic: How to be negative without seeming negative (i.e. negative adds had a bad reaction so a focus group was created to create attack adds that don't seem like attack adds)

2. Using above information in a good comfortable setting followed by that group recording their opinions second by second in response to an add (note that rapport has already been established with the focus group - see Colbert Report video above).

3. People have prepared their answers (themselves of course, they want to look good. It's TV.) [Also Read: The Emotional Nature of Decision Making ].

What Fox News creates through it's various connections in the news media and on it's own TV Channel (which seems to be going down in some quarters... though way too slowly for me to be comfortable with), is called an "echo chamber". How it works with examples...

What is an echo chamber? An echo chamber is when you control several sources of information and use those sources of information to spread news and rumors that suit your political and business agenda.
All of the below are examples of "echo chambers" - i.e. sources of information controlled by a few who use these sources to promote thier ideas over and over again while making them seem to be from independant (and therefore reliable) sources. The video below is an example of an echo chamber that extends to ALL of the US's mass media News networks. Its better to have two sides fighting to keep the masses attention/distracted. That's how the gladiator system of Rome distracted the populace while the countries social and economic structures fell around them.

1. Here is one type of echo chamber  (i.e. controlling sources of 'expert opinion' as opposed to the actual companies presenting the news). This is presented by Senator Bernie Sanders.

2. This is another type of "echo chamber", called a 'blackout' by people familiar with this pattern...
A. Every media channel ignores its mass media hype for the same person, Ron Paul.
B. Ron Paul is against invasion/war and doesn't attempt to brush the lies of Iraq war under the rug.

3. Here is the perfect example that shows an echo chamber being used for political goals:
The train of planting News in the above echo chamber example goes as follows - First story in the Wall Street Journal, Second Story in ...the NY Post and finally, news story on Fox News - Seems like different news sources commenting on a story but in reality it's ONE news story, created and promoted by the SAME news source.

4. Here is another example of a political echo chamber using multiple people for ONE view and on ONE channel. (And proof of demonization of the 'left' by this 'conservative' echo chamber):
Above: 'Conservative' Echo Chamber through Murdoch's Network (using multiple books on one view, talking about one perspective ONLY on a network owned by one man, i.e. the new republican party is an invention using multiple media channels all owned by the same group. Ironically, or perhaps, intelligently, the 'left' (i.e. the networks NOT owned by Murdoch) are grouped together as having a separate agenda thereby creating the 'Us vs. them' dynamic.

5. Here is an example of using an echo chamber for JUST business reasons (i.e. Rupert Murdoch comes up with device and tries to sell it through his news channels):

6. Yet Another Rupert Murdoch Media Echo Chamber
Above story only carried on Fox News/NY Post (Rupert Murdoch owned media) Fox News is large enough in the US to be it's own echo chamber (and the fact that many false beliefs originate from Fox News broadcasts proves this which would be OK to an extant as long as they didn't lie. Unfortunately...

Partial list of Fox News's FALSE Statements as checked by;
Less than 10 percent of Obama's Cabinet appointees "have any experience in the private sector."
Texas board of Education may eliminate references to Christmas and the Constitution from textbooks
Healthcare reform is a government takeover of healthcare
The Muslim brotherhood has openly stated they want to declare war on Israel
American troops have never been under the formal control of another nation
Florida's Gov. Rick Scott's approval ratings are up
Massachusetts health care plan is wildly unpopular among state residents
There's been more debt under Obama than all other President's combined Health care bill includes death panels
Cash for clunkers will give government complete access to your home computer
Halting gulf drilling costs 8 billion a day in imports
Democrats plan largest tax increase in history
John Holdren proposed forced abortions and putting sterilants in drinking water
Nobody at Fox News ever said you're going to jail if you don't buy health insurance

Money trail to explain the Fox News and republican echo chamber...

News Corp. gives $1 million to Republicans...

What's going on? (i.e. moment of zen?)
"I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half"

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