Aug 10, 2014

Introduction To The Class Warfare Being Waged by The GOP & Fox News On America OR "Actual elephants are more useful than the GOP"

Proof 1:

The GOP help only the rich... when they can get away with it (which is most of the time unfortunately)...

From NY Times: G.O.P. Senators Face Risks Over Proposal on Tax Cuts

WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans will press this week to extend tax cuts for affluent families scheduled to expire Jan. 1, but the same Republican tax plan would allow a series of tax cuts for the working poor and the middle class to end next year.

Republicans say the tax breaks for lower-income families — passed with little notice in the extensive 2009 economic stimulus law — were always supposed to be temporary. But President Obama had made them a priority in 2009 and demanded their extension in 2010 as a price for extending the Bush-era tax cuts for two years, and both the White House and Senate Democrats are determined to extend them again.

That sets up a potentially tricky issue for Republicans. They have said they do not want taxes to go up on anyone while the economy struggles to gain altitude, but under their plan, written by Senator Orrin G. Hatch of Utah, the senior Republican on the Finance Committee, about 13 million families would see their tax refunds reduced, and some would see their taxes increase. (Read More)

Reducing The Taxes of the Rich While Shifting The Tax Burden To The Middle Class & Poor is what the Republicans are Doing i.e. helping the rich at the expense of the not rich... i.e. Class Warfare


I Give Up - 9/11 Responders Bill - Despite Anthony Weiner's passion and a clear majority, the House Republicans defeat a bill providing health care for 9/11 first responders. (10:32)

Daily Show: Here's a tribute to a few Republican senators who find comfort and advantage in invoking the heroes of 9/11 but refuse to give them health care. (8:16)

Cantor Won't? - Eric Cantor wants to cut other federal spending to justify financial assistance to tornado victims in Missouri. (4:59):

Quote: Ugh. - "Actual elephants are more useful than the GOP." Jon Stewart

Proof 2:

How The GOP & Fox News make nonsense sound like common sense...
World of Class Warfare - The Poor's Free Ride Is Over...

A. "We gotta start somewhere... that's a million dollars (that we could save) - in contrast to the 700 billion we could save to reduce the deficit from the rich and unfairly untaxed (i.e. there is class warfare but its from the ones who are trying to aggravate people by projecting what they are doing onto Buffet).

[The answer is YES, we can start somewhere, such as the solution below or by making the taxes proportionate between rich and poor. For example 20% from a poor person could lead to struggling to survive while 20% from someone with a billion dollars can't possibly leave them struggling to survive. Of course, 20% from a rich person WILL be more money than 20% from the poor person. Be conscious of which modes of measurement the GOP/Fox-News is using to understand where they are trying to fool you - when they aren't throwing you a bone to seem nice!]

B . From fox news: Dont tax the rich but 'broaden the tax base' - ignore/cover over the realty of the tax codes.
C. Taxing the majority (poor) instead of taxing the minority (super rich by comparison) this is the very definition of despotism.
D. Heritage institute (Koch Brother funded) are trying to create the image of poor being wealthy cause they have normal second world amenities. (i.e. this will lower standard of living).

Proof 3:

The GOP ONLY Makes The Bad Stuff SOUND GOOD By Using Different Words...

[i.e. how to make the bad stuff of GOP policy sound good to people who only watch one news source with any regularity]
Herein, I provide a service to the right-wing dogmatists and those who’d like to understand them by reproducing the top 10 talking points for preserving the status quo. 
  1. Whenever anyone brings up distributional issues, accuse them of class warfare.
  2. Never acknowledge the existence of “the rich.” They are “job creators.”
  3. Tax cuts for the working poor are “budget busters.”
  4. Tax cuts for job creators are “incentives.”  See also “competitiveness.”
  5. Deficits caused by new spending are harbingers of the apocalypse.
  6. Deficits caused by tax incentives are signs of enlightened public policy.
  7. Everyone can succeed in America by working hard.
  8. Oppose an adequate minimum wage because it kills jobs.
  9. Oppose tax credits that help minimum wage earners escape poverty, such as the earned income tax credit (EITC), because they let millions of lower-income Americans escape income tax liability.
  10. Support tax incentives that let job creators escape income tax liability.

Stephen Colbert has Frank Luntz demonstrate how he manipulates people for Fox News & The GOP taking an idea that all normal people find repulsive and finding ways to make the repulsive OK for economic or political gain (LINKS)...

Colbert Super PAC - "Corporations Are People" - Frank Luntz
Frank Luntz helps Stephen make the idea that corporations are people appealing to Americans.  (05:44)

Colbert Super PAC - "Corporations Are People" - Frank Luntz's Focus Group
Frank Luntz convenes a focus group to develop the perfect Colbert Super PAC ad while Stephen watches behind a two-way mirror.  (05:10)

The First Interview...

How to handle an audience and appeal to their feelings:
1. Body language tips,
2. Handling audience tips,
3. Creating a more positive phrase for 'drilling for oil' became 'energy exploration'. (inaccuracy doesn't matter as long as there is a sliver of fact - KISS principle, i.e'. keep it simple stupid),
4. 'climate change' as opposed to 'global warming' ,
5. 'simple truth' (not a lie as it contains a sliver of fact!),
6. 'you decide' to lock in the last manipulative phrase (most of the viewers decisions are based on the views of who they trust... even the books they read ),
7. 'buzz words' - words that people focus on opposed to facts,
8. Use 'simple truth' only once in a discussion or article ?,
9. A criminal getting caught should apologize 3 times, "I'm sorry, I made a mistake, forgive me"!

Proof 4:

GOP/FoxNews mix up the numbers to make nonsensical comparisons while making it appear as if they are being sensible (thus fooling their audience to believe apples ARE oranges!)

Warren Buffet VS Wealthy FAKE Conservatives...
Notice: Fox-News/GOP talk of percentages for the minority group they protect but numerical figures with examples of piles of money when attacking majority interests. (Get it?)


Relevant to understand people born WITH money and how that affects them:

Billionaire Heiress: Poors Should Work Harder

Note to American exceptionalists: Other countries have insensitive rich people, too. Australian Gina Rinehart, reportedly the world's wealthiest woman, has a message for you poor people. "In her latest column in Australian Resources and Investment magazine," Yahoo reports, "Rinehart rails against class warfare and says the non-rich should stop attacking the rich and go to work":
"There is no monopoly on becoming a millionaire," she writes. "If you're jealous of those with more money, don't just sit there and complain. Do something to make more money yourself—spend less time drinking, or smoking and socializing and more time working."
Pray, what does Rinehart do for a living? She is a "mining heiress," according to the piece.
But she would like you to know that her grandfathers "started at the bottom and worked their way to the top."
Indeed, Rinehart's wealth is derived from a family trust and an executive position in a mining company she inherited from her father after his death in 1992. Since then, she's kept very busy—pouring her wealth into conservative causes and political front groups she helped set up, not unlike the scions of the oil-enriched Koch family here in the states. She recently tried to import cheap visa workers after unionized Australian miners asked for a competitive wage, and in 2011 she sponsored an Australian tour by Lord Christopher Monckton, a noted climate-change skeptic.
Rinehart's fortune reportedly increases by $52 million Australian dollars a day. In US dollars, that works out to be about $618 every second. And she'd really like you to get off your lazy ass and pull your weight, please.

In recent weeks, Mother Jones has explored the phenomenon of mansplaining, when males patronizingly (and often incorrectly) explain things to ladies as if the latter were ignorant children. I'd like to coin a new term for bloviating lectures of the sort Rinehart gave, wherein a rich person confidently tells the non-rich what's wrong with them. While discussing this with the MoJo staff, my colleague Adam Serwer thought of libertarian hero Ayn Rand, who popularized the notion of the super rich being naturally moral. He hit on a good portmanteau: randsplaining. I rather like that. Internets, go do your thing.

For more proofs go through these overviews of the GOP's platform on the poor and middle class...
A look at GOP Hypocrisy:

Money Talks - The Haves & the Soon-to-Haves
John Hodgman explains that the haves are creating an exclusive world of luxury and privilege for the soon-to-haves to have -- soon.

Money Talks - Men of a Certain Wage
Moneyed American John Hodgman defends his people against America's attack on the wealthy.

Money Talks - The Maopets & Wealth on Film
Fox News identifies "The Muppets" movie as communist propaganda, and John Hodgman analyzes Hollywood's depiction of the rich and powerful as greedy, bloated space turds.

FROM Bill Moyers: "So what do you get when you combine Mitt Romney, expensive horseflesh, fancy dinners and a financial scandal in the City of London? An interesting confluence of people and events that once again raises questions about the wealthy Republican candidate’s ability to relate to ordinary Americans and highlights the overwhelming, caustic influence of big money in this year’s presidential race.

Updates - Jan 20 2015:

Results of GOP Policy Making

Sam Brownback's Conservative Kansas Experiment - Jessica Williams travels to Kansas to investigate the outcome of Governor Sam Brownback's extreme tax-cut experiment. (4:54):

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