Mar 31, 2014

Koch Brothers May Be Into Segregation Because Of Their Communist Roots

Why is societal segregation not desired?(besides the obvious racism and equality reasons). Answer: Because it a more unified society will decrease violence and improve income equality and social mobility...

Social Mobility Is Improved With De-Segregation (i.e. it helps bring more opportunities to citizens)
Segragation increases income inequality (which decreases level of democracy) - "The research, carried out by John Ermisch and Emilia Del Bono from the Institute for Social and Economic Research at Essex University, describes the different intakes as the "sorting of children into higher-performing and lower-performing schools". "We need to consider more radical options to create more balanced intakes in secondary schools and pilot innovative approaches to improve attainment for the poorest children," says the Sutton Trust chairman. "A failure to respond to this challenge is to condemn our disadvantaged youngsters - and our economy - to the bottom of the class in education's world order," said Sir Peter. Last year, a major report by former cabinet minister Alan Milburn warned that social mobility had slowed - and that the most sought-after professions were increasingly dominated by young people from affluent families."

Social mobility is important to keep people moving up (for example, The 'american dream' consists of having the opportunity to move up - segregating society makes that more difficult)
"Top professions such as medicine and law are increasingly being closed off to all but the most affluent families, a report into social mobility has said."

Look at what the Koch Brothers are funding...

England is working hard on reducing segregation to improve its society (especially as segregation leads to economic inequality which will increase the frequency of riots etc. over time unless the country becomes more of a police state).

Here are examples of the difficulty and benefits of de-segregating society...

1. "Burnley's race riots in 2001 were partly blamed on the way schools had reinforced segregated communities. Now its schools are being bulldozed and rebuilt in order to improve integration and raise educational standards."

2. An example of the years of hard work it takes to create a more balanced, equal and fair (democratic) society

3. Disparity in education increases the inequality of intellectual capital distribution which leads to, in the long run, income inequality increases (i.e. this reduces the level of democracy in a society)

 Moment Of Zen...

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