Nov 7, 2013

Why Ron Paul's Plan of Cutting 5 Departments/Cabinet-Posts Is Reasonable

Ron Paul's Plan To Cut Departments As Per The 2012 Primary:

Interview On CNN:

According to Ron Paul's plan...

SPENDING: Cuts $1 trillion in spending during the first year of Ron Paul’s presidency, eliminating five cabinet departments (Energy, HUD, Commerce, Interior, and Education), abolishing the Transportation Security Administration and returning responsibility for security to private property owners, abolishing corporate subsidies, stopping foreign aid, ending foreign wars, and returning most other spending to 2006 levels.

I have covered 4 of the 5 departments Ron Paul wants to abolish in past posts (links below), showing that these departments that he wants to close are filled with scandal and inefficiency and, after going through these articles, I'm sure you'll agree with Ron Paul that the United States is better off without these departments.  (Note: I haven't covered the Department of Commerce because Obama himself wants to shut that department down in his consolidation of the Government)

Dept of Interior: Corruption In The Department of the Interior

Dept. of Energy: Corruption In The Department Of Energy / The Keystone Pipeline Scandal / Unequal Democracy

Dept. of Education: The State of US Education / Problems With No Child Left Behind Act

Dept. of Housing and Urban Development: How The Fed and Top Government Officials Destroyed the US Economy

Dept. of Commerce (Obama Already Consolidated It)

R.I.P., Department of Commerce? President Obama Seeks to Consolidate Government Agencies

The Department of Commerce will celebrate its 109th anniversary this year, having been created in 1903. And if President Obama gets his way, the agency won’t make it much past 110.
Announcing this morning that he is seeking authority to streamline the executive branch, President Obama said he needs the same kind of “authority that every business owner has to make sure that his or her company keeps pace with the times. And let me be clear: I will only use this authority for reforms that result in more efficiency, better service, and a leaner government.”
As an example, the president wants to shut down the Department of Commerce, taking its core functions and giving them to a new agency that will also fold in the tasks of the Small Business Administration, the U.S. Trade Representative, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, the Trade and Development Agency and the Export-Import Bank.

Note: In each of these cases these departments exist on both the Federal AND State levels of Government. Just getting rid of the Federal ones NOT THE STATE ONES is what Ron Paul is talking about.

Having duplicate departments in the Federal Government is not only pointless but technically it's unconstitutional as the President is ONLY supposed to be involved in keeping the economy stable AND Foreign Policy NOT State administration... using a Lord Of the Rings metaphor... having Federal Departments for Departments that ALREADY EXIST at the State level is like 'having one ring to control them all'.

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