Mar 3, 2013

GOP VS Ron Paul: A Return To The Suppressed Republican Primaries

Most people didn't care about the GOP primaries. This post outlines why you should.  

Here is the GOP answering questions... 

Despite dodges, Romney, Ryan haunted by extremist record

Rachel Maddow points out the clear political and policy connections between the Romney ticket and the extreme, absolutist anti-abortion movement, and encourages the political media to hold Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to account for their legislative deeds and political associations instead of taking them at their word as they try to distance themselves from their own record...

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 GOP Policy on Women & Abortions...

Proof Links:

At 2 mins 50 sec - Meet "Team Rape" via The Colbert Report

1. Romney Interviewer Told She Can't Ask About Abortion or Akin

2. Corn on MSNBC: Romney's Abortion Investment

3. Romney’s latest abortion U-turn: A top surrogate shifts the GOP candidate's position on Roe -- again


PROVEN: The GOP's Party Platform Supports A Rapists Baby EVEN BEFORE Conception/Pregnancy!

PROVEN: Mitt may have been pro-life and pro-helping rape victims BEFORE an election ... BUT he is NEVER Pro-helping rape victims AFTER an election. - PROOF from The Huffington Post = "Mitt Romney vetoed a bill to help rape victims get abortions!"

PROVEN: ONE Crazy Doctor Is At The Root Of Mitt Romney's Party Platform On Rape!  … via Anderson Cooper 360

Eight staggering GOP comments on rape and women

The House GOP's Plan to Redefine Rape

A WOMAN On GOP/FoxNews Payroll Caught Lying During The Debate On Thier Rape Policies!


[Rant] I think the GOP likes to intentionally go out and incite people to cover up crazy stuff like thier party platform on rape which is based on the studies of ONE crazy doctor. I think that the GOP is taking the Old Testament way too seriously “If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, he shall pay the girl’s father fifty shekels of silver. He must marry the girl, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives” (Deuteronomy 22:28–29 i.e. ) COMPARED to what Jesus taught in the New Testament. i.e. Matthew 22:36-40 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments."(Explained by white Christian = ) IN OTHER WORDS, You can't be an old testament desert patriarch no matter how much that lifestyle might appeal to some in the GOP (or Mormons, but I can't say anything to Mormons because acting like Patriarchs and Apostles IS part of thier Church and probably thier book. My Major in religion is only of the real ones). Not JUST because it's wrong... but because times have changed and since the 1920's women's rights have been increasing. What you need to do is start an information outlet and convince everyone watching that outlet not to watch OR believe anyone else. Then maybe you can get some hot but dumb women to help you promote your message. Cause when most men see a hot woman, thier ability to think goes right out the widow, having such women promote your cause is great marketing/hypnosis. O! Done. Good Job. Moving on.

Note: The above doesn't apply to Ron Paul as he's against war [ he's also OK with the pill and helping victims of rape - Rick Santorum's position is not the same and Mitt Romney's position was the same as Santorum during the primaries. (Mitt wouldn't say a child born through rape is 'a gift from God' but he does ACT like he believes that i.e. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS)]

Search result for related video = (Also, it's a philosophical position.

He has also said (in a more recent piers morgan interview) that Bush supported an individual mandate prescription plan so the GOP is just being hypocritical attacking Obama on healthcare i.e. the video of Ron Paul's interview by Piers Morgan here:

Video For Ron Paulians: PIERS MORGAN TONIGHT: Ron Paul - Healthcare (March 26, 2012)

Notes: 1 - 1:30 This individual mandate thing has been around for 30 years - longer than most Ron Paul followers have been alive! (i.e. this is a slow process NOT something for kids to be arguing about... you don't know what your comfortable lives would be like without an individual mandate. Maybe like Somalia!), 2 - 4:30 America is a little different we don't have socialized medicine we have corporate medicine (i.e. Ron Paulians should note that you can't truthfully call Obama a "crony-socialist" you CAN call him a "crony capitalist" - But, of course, Mitt is much much much worse!), 3 - 5:55 If the people are accepting it THEN ITS FINE, talking about the individual mandate is only appropriate for a republican primary. , 4 - 6:35 Bush set up a prescription plan and the Republicans didn't say boo! , 5 - 7:55 The stat the Morgan uses may have been accurate but we had got Newt done to 5% and Ron Paul upto 17% before Santorum gave up and the GOP started to pretend that the primary was over,

Here is Ron Paul answering questions...

Ron Paul - On The Issues - YouTube Playlist =

Most recent full interview (still answering questions):

The New Ron Paul Era

The sarcastic references towards the end of this interview refer the the "cronies/crony capitalists" burning money to light cigars in this hip hop video-song

Fight of the Century, Keynes vs. Hayek from Seo on Vimeo.

Burning money to light cigars is a metaphor for this... I'm sure.

More examples of "crony capitalism" or "socialism for the rich" or "corporatism" or "capitalist communism"...

Learn how the US government is working hard to limit your rights and enhance the rights of corporations:

From Bill Moyers: In state houses around the country, hundreds of ALEC “model laws” are proposed or enacted that would, among other things, dilute collective bargaining rights, make it harder for some Americans to vote and limit corporate liability for harm caused to consumers. Find out if your local representatives are members and help us complete our map!

Why Should Taxpayers Give Big Banks $83 Billion a Year? via Bloomberg News

News Report: George W. Bush, has been missing in action totally this election. He surfaced today, however, in the Cayman Islands where he is delivering the keynote address at a private “investment” conference.

The press is locked out. A spokesman for the Cayman Alternative Investment Summit says the speech is totally closed to all journalists. Spokesman Dan Kneipp says he is not even permitted to discuss the subject of Bush's speech scheduled for Thursday evening at the Ritz-Carlton. Attendees are paying $4,000 each to get advice at this “investment” seminar. Sponsors include KPMG, a company that provides tax advisory services, and Deutsche Bank.

What is the conference about? It is about the benefits of using the Cayman Islands to shelter income in order to avoid paying U.S. taxes. How did George Bush become an expert on the subject? Perhaps Mitt Romney gave him some tips.

Questions raised by Mitt Romney's returns.

About Mitt's EIGHT Cayman Tax Shelters...

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Mitt Romney has millions of dollars saved in offshore Cayman Islands tax shelters

  • Holds a reported $33 million in the Caribbean British territory's accounts
  • Offshore banking could be one reason Romney is withholding his tax returns
  • Newt Gingrich reported 31 percent tax on his income -- in line with the top tax bracket

Dirty Wars, Documentary on U.S. Covert Warfare Abroad, Wins Sundance Cinematography Award

The 15 Most Absurd Ways The Pentagon Is Spending Money

  • Daily Show: The government investigates trading on non-public information -- unless members of Congress are doing it!
  • Daily Show: "As close to a blank check as you can get without asking for a blank check"
  • Daily Show: Basically the banks were being lent money at no interest (by the government) and then the government was borrowing it back and giving interest!' Jon Stewart
  • Note: Bloomberg report referred to above is here.

  • Capitalist Socialism (making the taxpayer pay for private losses of a select group of rich people): *When this financial crisis began nearly four years ago the story seemed simple. The banks were broke and they told our leaders that unless the taxpayers bailed them out and took their private debts on to the public account, then the world would end. Our politicians believed them. We took on huge debts and bailed out the banks. Right or wrong, at least the story seemed straightforward: they owed us huge sums of money. Then as the crisis continued, a new group most of us had never heard of appeared – the bond holders. It turned out the banks owed huge sums to the bond holders too, and so did we. The story of who owed whom began to change.

    Gradually the story became less about the banks owing us money and more about owing the bond holders.

    It seems to me that our governments and their financial advisers from the banks have a double standard when it comes to debt and its repayment; one which greatly benefits the financial world and punishes the taxpayer.

    On the one hand, the debts of private banks and those who own that debt, the bond holders, are being protected from any losses by the publicly funded bailouts. Public debt, on the other hand, at the insistence of the same banks and bond holders we have bailed out, is being paid down at breakneck speed, no matter what the cost in unemployment and the destruction of social services.*

    The recession began in 2000, the housing bubble fueled a bubble didn't address the recession... Bush made a bad situation worse: "We never really emerged from the recession of 200-01";True. By rating AAA ratings (through private company payments to these agencies - see below) the country's balance sheets were inflated, delaying a response to the crisis and resulting in the financial crisis of 2008.

    Healthcare Nonsense In A Nutshell

    i.e. USA has a market based healthcare approach (good) made by crony capitalists (bad)

    Obamacare, brought to you by Johnson & Johnson: When push comes to shove, corporate interests will always have the upper hand in determining public policy  (i.e. it was made by a corporation - A CAPITALIST! )
     Obamacare architect heads to Big PharmaLiz Fowler again exemplifies the blurred lines betweenthe healthcare industry and Washington           

    Note: keynesian economics to Ron Paul is rich men controlling everything. Not the same as Keynesian Economics (Yes, I know it's confusing. I explained it here). Keynes was "the father of macro" but that was a very very long time ago. To put it simply, Macroeconomics means 'bird's eye overview' and Microeconomics means 'focused detail' (my quick walk-through Econ 101 is here but you might need to have done Econ 101 to understand it properly).

    The following is a short version from PBS NewsHour's Laughing at Macroeconomics: The Cartoon Introduction

    What macro-economists do:

    See more here: Laughing at Macroeconomics: The Cartoon Introduction (More on "capitalism" here.)

    Entering The Realm Of The Unforgiven...

    Mitt Romney & His Allies Cover-Up Of Ron Paul...

     ... Destroying His Momentum For The Elections.

    Eyewitness Examples:

    Video: Seems like the decision for Mitt Romney was made irrespective of votes or voters or delegates...

    In the above video, the “aye” vs. “nay” count is difficult to discern, but precinct delegates can be heard clearly calling for “division.” According to Robert’s Rules , which govern such meetings, a call for “division” is a request for recount of a voice vote. The call for division “cannot be debated, or amended, or have any other subsidiary motion applied to it.” The chair is required to take another vote by other than vocal means.

    Rachel Maddow Exposes The Republican Party's Weird Primary Election...

    Eventually Rick Santorum won Iowa. NOT till Mitt Romney gained a ton of momentum saying he won Iowas (momentum is how the GOP seems to choose candidates!) But then Santorum dropped out... so the delegates from Santorum switched to Ron Paul and this got covered up in most mainstream media outlets - It seems like the nominee was decided and people not liking that was considered to be a minor inconvenience. The GOP simply changed the rules to a point where now you got them signing loyalty oaths. It's like they are creating a cult! the fact that the media is also covering up the fact the Mitt Romney comes from a "religion" that strongly resembles a cult is even more disturbing!
    With Ron Paul suppressed, the Ron Paulians didn't give up... then this happened...

    Maddow: ‘I think Ron Paul just won Iowa’

    But for some strange reason the other news outlets/programs didn't cover this.
    Then this happened...

    Rachel Maddow: Ron Paul Won Iowa, Nevada, Minnesota, Colorado, and Missouri

    Still nothing!

    All of this, including the outright coverups during the voting process (which I remember but can't find any mainstream sources for), should be covered in a ton of detail is all mainstream US outlets of News TV but isn't - there is an old friend of George Bush on the Board of Time Warner so CNN makes sense. Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch whose close family friend has been charged in the UK and is liable under the US law of bribery abroad (this is England!)... but nothing has happened on TV... thus nothing is being done.

     Rachel Maddow - GOP forcing Ron Paul Supporters to sign 'loyalty oaths' to Mitt Romney...

    Loyalty oaths? To Mitt and His Magic Underwear?

    This sounds more and more like some sort of 'Lord Of The Flies' remake!

    More GOP desperation to win no matter what they have to do, what rules they have to break... or how immoral they have to be...  One side is huge money in politics, the other side is voter suppression...

    Can you imagine what it must be like for a trillionaire NOT to win an election ... when they have not only suppressed voters BUT HAVE ALSO POURED HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY INTO IT!
    The best part, he must believe his sacred underwear makes him invincible... many Mormons do, it's a fact.
    Do you want a man who thinks he is protected by his underwear to be the Commander of the United States Army? That's just plain crazy.
    BTW, all of this is "normal" in US politics...

    The fight for truth within the Republican Party goes on, while the rest of the country and it's media (overall) says nothing. Exposes nothing. A mention is the most Ron Paulians ever get on TV, which is apparently enough to satisfy the people, who only watch TV, that the news has been reported!

    National GOP nixes Ron Paul claim to Louisiana delegates

    The national Republican Party is supporting the Louisiana state party over supporters of Ron Paul in a dispute over the delegation to represent the state at the national convention in Tampa.
    The Republican National Committee's Committee on Contests affirmed state party chairman Roger Villere's conduct of the state convention in Shreveport, It released its decision late Friday in Washington, D.C.
    Paul's supporters contend that the state party made illegal last-minute rule changes to thwart a Ron Paul majority elected in congressional district caucuses in April.
    The state party and the Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney campaigns said the supplemental rules protected the results of Louisiana's presidential primaries.
    Paul delegates wound up holding a separate convention.
    "The LAGOP executive committee again submitted false information in an attempt to mislead their fellow Republicans," said Charlie Davis, who led the Paul campaign in Louisiana. "I'm not really surprised by the preliminary ruling and I'm looking forward to finally presenting our case in Tampa. The wheels of justice move slow and I remain hopeful that when all the facts are presented the truth will win out."
    Villere said he thinks the Committee on Contests has settled the matter. "This was their best shot," he said.
    The committee found that the rule changes "were not a material change to the manner of electing, selecting, allocating, or binding national convention delegates."

    There's more, but no main stream news sources that I found in my quick run through. Here's a sample...

    Paul camp cries fraud over Nevada Caucus results 

    11:00pm EST – CNN sends their election coverage live to the last remaining open precinct in Nevada, located in Clark County. The polling place remained open extra long to accommodate strict religious observers. The voter demographic of the precinct is devout Christians and Jews who refused to violate their Sabbath day by voting during daylight hours. 15 percent of the state’s precincts have reported, Romney still leads with approximately 46 percent to Gingrich’s 22 percent, Paul’s 20 percent and Santorum’s 12.
    11:15pm EST – With apparently nothing better to broadcast, media outlets like CNN announce to viewers that they’re in for a treat. They will see the Caucus process, live in action. The outlets would broadcast live from the last open Nevada precinct.
    11:45pm EST – For 45 minutes, actual voters at the Adelson precinct being broadcast live on CNN and other stations, gave some of the most heartfelt one-minute speeches in support of their candidate – every single one of them was caucusing for Ron Paul. This was no Ron Paul rally either. This was a closed-door caucus. These were actual voters who were about to vote at this particular precinct. According to 40 minutes or so of speeches, it appeared Ron Paul should capture 100 percent of the vote in this Clark County precinct. **Thanks to a much valued reader, it's explained that the Adelson precinct had let each candidate's supporters speak one candidate at a time. This was the segment CNN chose to air live and simply the Ron Paul campaign's turn to speak. In fairness, Ron Paul's speakers at this location did in fact out number all speakers from all other candidates combined.
    12:00pm EST – CNN and the other outlets finally broke away from the speeches when no other candidates besides Ron Paul appeared to have any voters present. Only moments later, the network broke into its all-night election coverage to announce that the precinct viewers were just watching had begun to count the votes and had decided to do it publicly, letting the national media outlets continue filming.
    12:15am EST – In riveting coverage, an entire auditorium full of hundreds of voters fell silent. One by one at a table assembled on a stage and with campaign representatives watching over their shoulders and the entire nation watching, the GOP precinct captain shouted out each vote as he unfolded each paper ballot.
    12:30am EST: For five minutes, CNN sat in silence as the Republican precinct captain shouted out each vote while dozens of tabulator sat nearby keeping track. Unfolding one sheet at a time, the man yelled, “Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul.
    12:45am EST: Based on your author’s quick mental addition, it appeared Ron Paul would capture roughly 70 percent of the vote in this precinct, with Mitt Romney coming in around 20 and Newt Gingrich around 10. The entire time, every news outlet repeatedly congratulated Mitt Romney for his avalanche victory in Nevada.
    12:55am EST: The official Nevada Caucus vote count was still stuck where it had been for the last 4 hours. 47 percent of the vote counted and included every county but one. 53 percent of the vote still outstanding, all from Clark County – the largest county in Nevada representing more than 60 percent of the state’s voters. It’s also the scene of the Caucus site just broadcast showing Ron Paul winning overwhelming.
    1:00am EST: The same precinct captain in Clark County calling out votes 30 minutes earlier was now about to announce the final vote totals from the nationally televised caucus site. With CNN showing it live, the rough final vote count (going from memory) was 150 for Ron Paul, 50 for Mitt Romney, 20 for Newt Gingrich and 8 for Rick Santorum.
    1:05am EST: The same above precinct then announced they were going to recount each and every vote to insure an accurate vote count.
    1:30am EST: CNN and the precinct captain revealed the results of the second count. This time Ron Paul’s count was roughly 183 (58 percent of the precinct’s overall vote) to Mitt Romney’s 45, Newt Gingrich’s 20 and Rick Santorum’s 8. (Again, all numbers from your author’s tired, late-night memory. If the media wasn’t blacking out the coverage now, we could share the actual numbers with our readers). Paul supporters are extatic knowing that they won overwhelmingly in a precinct full of Jewish and extremely Christian voters, two of Ron Paul's worst demographics. In fact, CNN entrance polls showed that Ron Paul won overwhelmingly among voters who said they weren't religious.
    1:35am EST: Your author, and thousands of Ron Paul supporters still waiting up and able to do simple math, deduced that if Ron Paul won 58 percent of the vote in a large Clark County precinct and that was representative of his performance county-wide, the Texas Congressman should win the Nevada Caucus. Clark County alone represents more than half the vote in the entire state of Nevada. If Ron Paul won 58 percent of the 53 percent outstanding, compared to Mitt Romney’s 47 percent of the 47 percent counted, it’s a Ron Paul win.
    1:45am EST: CNN blacks-out election coverage, shutting down the studio without so much as one word of explanation or warning. Switching to human interest stories with an afternoon anchor for ten minutes, the network the shut all live coverage completely, opting instead to rebroadcast the entire night’s early evening election coverage. Every minute of the broadcast for the next few hours replayed Mitt Romney’s victory speech repeatedly, along with all the CNN pundits declaring Mitt Romney the landslide victor with 3 percent of the vote counted.
    1:50am EST: A quick check of Fox News revealed the exact same tactic. The network had switched to replaying its entire early evening election coverage. Viewing like a Mitt Romney campaign commercial, the network was repeatedly rebroadcasting the Mitt Romney victory speech from hours earlier. Their pundits also spent the entire time congratulating Romney on his overwhelming victory, with just 3 percent of the vote reported.
    1:55ampeRon Paul campaign. Instead, they continue to inform their readers and viewers that the Nevada Caucus is over and it was another landslide victory for media and GOP favorite Mitt Romney. [Read more]


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