Mar 1, 2013

Glenn Beck's Demonizing Tactics Exposed In 7 Videos


The Tea Party Started In 2007 And Ron Paul Is The Godfather

News footage from 2007 mixed with other video that documents the origin of the modern day Tea Party movement and those responsible for it.

It was started in 2007 from the grassroots by Ron Paul supporters for his 2008 Presidential Campaign. After gaining momentum it was co-opted by certain Republicans with help from Fox News and other corporate entities. It's no longer the spontaneous decentralized movement that it once was though Ron Paul's message of limited government and a return to the Constitution is still at it's core.

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Now the Tea Party and majority of Libertarians seem to have been modified by the Koch Brothers, So I call them "Koch Brother Libertarians". But it's mostly because of Judge Napolitano & John Stossel. What they do is support some things Ron Paul supported and oppose others (for example Ron Paul is geared towards peace while John Stossel is geared towards violence and you can tell this in the interviews and Ron Paul trying to be conciliatory but incompetently. Anyways, by saying stuff your followers like and then saying stuff that is wrong but the followers don;t know any better - and they now like the person - leads to disinformation. I could explain it more more detail using technical hypnosis words, of course. But instead, here is a visual example: From John Stossel of Fox News (a Koch Brother Libertarian) = "I think it will take visible riots to help people focus on this thing(an indirect call for violence)

Introducing Glenn Beck...

What Glenn Beck HAS done is demonize about 3/4 of the US population...

Introducing the Glenn Beck / GOP Conservatives...

This attitude of demonizing the entire population has become the party platform of the, soon to be extinct, GOP

"Scorn in the U.S.A.: It must be tough for Republicans to love America so much but hate almost three-quarters of the people living in it."(at approx 8 mins into following video)

Although the GOP likes to deny its demonizing (some might even say they are in denial! - Note: Watch THE WHOLE video)...

How Glenn Beck has demonized liberals and progressives...

Video clip Take aways:

"Progressives want to control every aspect of your life"

On an old TV "Social Justice" (hypnotic effect of 'the old days')

Notice the emphasis on 'year of my Lord Crist' for which there is no normal conversational usage...what was the purpose of that strange emphasis?

I am not a journalist I am a conservative and I'm much more of a Libertarian

Notice the explanation that Jon Stewart gives about 8 mins into the video....accepting an idea to such a point that you take on everything about that theory and live through it rather than experience life for yourself (OK, not an exact quote) any case, the pain from letting go of a whole ideology that you may have been clinging to for emotional support is what might have been meant by "Dissapointment is like bankruptcy. Bankruptcy of a soul that expends too much in hope and expectation"(probably not an exact quote either) by Eric Hoffer... then Jon Stewart demonstrates how you can take pieces of nothing and using your sculpters knife(of logic gone awry) create sense out of nonsense...and scare the crap out of people. That's why you gotta learn to think for yourself (and learn continuously, don't read a couple of books and think you've figured out all of existence).

How Glenn Beck Controls Minds through Fear & Authority (Perfect Mind Control!)...

Notes from video clip above:

Progressivism is the disease (i.e. by saying something is the source of all problems you demonize you understand the implications of this?)

Then Beck said a bunch of confusing shit

Then around 3 mins into the video you discover that Glenn Beck doesn't know what a public good is! (see What are public goods? You should probably watch both videos here to understand why there should be a price on nature in just the same way as there is a price on gold. This means a carbon tax isn't just appropriate, it's necessary.)

More detailed explanation of how fear and authority can be used for mind control (it's being used in mainstream US media - ALL OF THEM, ESP. FOX - that you might as well know how it's done). Extract from here

Emotional Intelligence:

"All learning has an emotional base."

-- Plato

What Is Mind Control?

    Many people often think that hypnosis can used to control minds. I have shown in an earlier article the hypnosis cannot control minds. It can however be very useful in influencing minds and is used extensively in advertising in combination with the techniques of NLP (which I will write about later).

    The question that invariable arises in everyone’s mind is whether mind control possible at all? If so how?

    Mind control can be done in 2 ways; with authority and fear.

    If you are told something by someone whose authority you simply cannot question then you will believe what you are told without any investigation or skepticism. That is a form of mind control.

    Here are 2 examples;

        Your religious leader interprets a verse of your holy book and you believe the interpretation given to you without seeking to understand it yourself then that is a form of mind control.

        Your political leader tells you what he/she thinks is the reality of a situation and you believe it without question or investigation. This is also a form of mind control. – This can also manifest in a different way. You may not trust your countries political leader but you do trust the political views of favorite talk show host or news channel. If you believe what your news channel host tells you without question or investigation, once again you are under the influence of mind control.

    In short mind control through authority works if any view an authority figure is accepted without question or investigation. Note: Getting angry at a point of view isn't questioning/investigating the view it is ‘reacting emotionally’ to a viewpoint.

    The next way of mind control is through fear.

        If someone points a gun at you and commands you to lay down and you do (which is the sensible thing to do). That is instant mind control through fear. This is a more overt form of mind control but just as effective. Works just as well if a big country points a big weapon at a small country (big in land or military might).

        If a political or religious leader paints another group of people as evil and that they will destroy you then they have a twofold mind control effect. First there is the fear of the ‘evil’ group and the fear that they will be attacked by the ‘evil group’. Then there is the authority effect of believing the leader with little or no investigation.

    Fear combined with authority to issue commands and orders is the most powerful method of controlling minds as the authority removes the ability to question and the fear spurs the sheep to action. Perfect mind control.

    Hypnosis by itself is just a state of highly focused attention and if any suggestions are made that go against the subject’s belief system then the person will snap out of it.

    If a state of highly focused attention is created with fear and authority then the situation is markedly different. A person will naturally want to avoid the object of fear – often without question whether the fear is justified – and then turn to an authority figure for guidance. If the authority figure lacks morals then we have a dangerous situation of mass mind control.

    With a hypnotist a person is already a little wary because of the popular conception of hypnosis as mind control. This wariness makes it impossible to exert the level of authority and/or fear needed for mind control. With a trusted authority figure there is no caution and suggestions/ideas/beliefs can be installed directly into the subjects unconscious.

    Also, a person with authority and the ability to induce fear in his/her subjects has no need for the techniques and knowledge of hypnosis. Techniques of influence are not needed when you can shut down the ability to reason with a simple statement.

In other words, your strong emotions can be used by others with rhetoric. These people can be honorable or dishonorable in nature. An honorable one is like a good teacher who helps you get started on a career. A dishonorable one is like a politician who lies for his and his buddies benefit.

UNDERSTAND The Emotional Nature Of Decision Making

Strong emotions have a tendency to be blinding... or at the very least, strong emotion interferes with your ability to analyse all the available information properly. For example; falling in love makes people funny and anger can cloud judgement to a point where a person can get in allot of trouble (same applies to getting swept away by any emotion including a sense of power or influence. That’s why there is that adage “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Study: Emotion rules the brain's decisions By Dan Vergano, USA TODAY

Research into organizational decision making has shown a similar result...

Toxic Decision Processes: A Study of Emotion and Organizational Decision Making Organizational research has increasingly recognized the emotional nature of organizations and organizational life. We now widely accept organizations as "emotional arenas" and acknowledge the emotionally saturated nature of people’s work experience. Even decision-making research, one of the most cognitively oriented domains of organizational behavior, shows a growing concern for the role of emotion. The emotionality of organizational decision processes can be very subtle, as in many highly routinized decisions, while other issues provoke intensely emotional decision processes. Potential mergers, acquisitions, and downsizing, for instance, can have dramatic effects on how employees feel about themselves and their organizations; knowing this can have significant impact on the way these decisions are made. - Toxic Decision Processes: A Study of Emotion and Organizational Decision Making

Given how emotions affect our decision making its obvious that the more balanced our emotions are the better our decision making skills will be. This approach is addressed in the concept of Emotional Intelligence in basic psychology. The following gives an outline of this approach...

Glenn Beck's loyalties are confirmed. They aren't what you think they are...

Warning: Glenn Beck often pretends to be on the side that he is trying to disrupt.

Note: I'm a liberal Libertarian. Can't stand several of the liars and/or confused or crazy people in the Libertarian Movement so I'm also an Independent.

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