Feb 10, 2013

Washington D.C., TARP & Homeowners Nonsense Explained In 3 Videos & 1 Image

Watch these videos carefully (it may help to take notes while watching and watching them 3 times each) then you will have a better idea of how childish and amoral politics in Washington D.C. really is...

Exclusive - Neil Barofsky Extended Interview Pt. 1In this exclusive, unedited interview, Neil Barofsky shares the reasons TARP failed in its original purpose to aid troubled homeowners.

Quote: 'Everything in Washington is upside down - everyone is concerned only about themselves... fighting each other.' i.e. Using the art of war but lacking knowledge to truly be dangerous. & 'There is no marality left. No desire OR incentive to do what's right for the country or even the economy.'  (Learn more about The Art Of true War here.)

Wanting to save the few in the banks and going back on their contractual obligations (without putting the same amount of attention on it as when they passed it) or in other words 'socialism for the rich' is what corporatism is.

Exclusive - Neil Barofsky Extended Interview Pt. 2In this exclusive, unedited interview, "Bailout" author Neil Barofsky explains why the banks will never face true justice.

Solution to this behavior:

On Incentives as a Preferred Instrument of Corporate and Public Policy by Win Wenger

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Interlude
Chapter 3 - Incentive Analysis as a Problem-Solving, Creative Solution-Finding Method
Chapter 4 - Where These and Other Problem-Solving Methods Come From
Chapter 5 - Incentive/Equilibrium Analysis
Chapter 6 - Adjusting Incentives as a Main Way to Get Desired Things Done, Preferred Over Conventional Administrative and Governmental Methods
Chapter 7 - Toward An Overall Cost-Benefit Analysis to Coordinate Actions, and to Reduce the Costs of Managing While Increasing the Benefits
Chapter 8 - Some Specific Ways to Use or Adjust Incentives
Appendix - Funding of Science Research

Moment of Zen - Public Employee Union vs. Wall Street Bonus Contracts...
According to Fox News, public employee union contracts bankrupt states, but the government cannot interfere with Wall Street bonus 

i.e. Fox News stooges helped the banks who own most of thier stock, big surprise. Rational self-interest. gotta take care of the shareholders.

About The Banks That Own These Guys: The Financial Crisis Explained In 3 Videos (Only one is over 7 minutes) & Overview The Financial Crisis

Fox News, The Federal Government & The Media

[ The above image is edited from "Capitalism Visualized" - I found the link to the above image from BillMoyers.com (at the bottom of this page) ]

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