Mar 30, 2011

New blog: Fox News In Context

Fox news is a mix of journalism and opinion that seems to be dictated by a script, from time to time, written by someone else (Rove?). As a consequence over time Fox news seems to have become the voice of the top echelons of the Republican party.

I have been watching Fox News, on and off, over the last few days and it is most definitely conservative in opinion, however that's good (free speech remember?).

I don't agree with all the views and yet a few do make some sense (Except for Glenn Beck as I will just explain). but most importantly I like the anchors and enjoy thier comments (not so much where Hannity is concerned but I support his right to express his views - Note that if you remove Beck from the line up then Hannity is aggressive but not scary. The scary part comes from believing Glenn Becks nonsense).

If you watch the journalism and then some of the random stuff that gets said I think it's obvious that in some cases the news and opinion show anchors are being told what to say. You also have to keep in mind that ideological terrorists such as Glenn Beck have not only an influence on the American public but also on Fox news anchors and journalists and - amazingly - you can see Glenn Beck's ideas spread through the entire American media/news network. That is why when I want to hear peaceful, balanced journalism I watch BBC World News.

Anyways, on to my new blog: Fox News In Context

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