Feb 22, 2011

Daniel Quinn’s theories on culture and civilization part 2

The following table shows the basic differences in behavior between Takers (agriculturists) and Leavers (Tribal/Primitive societies) as described in Daniel Quinn’s book ‘My Ishmael’.

Takers (Agriculturists) Leavers(Tribal Societies)
Believe only their way is right Don't believe only their way is right - it's right for them
The world would be better if people were better You don't need to improve people to make their system work.
Can't develop a lifestyle that works (sustainable and inherited) Lived in a working lifestyle for 100's of thousands of years
Everything is based on utopian ideals (government, school etc. assumes a type of person which is evolved) Based on human nature and tradition with years of evolution of their particular tribal law.
Force others to follow their way - believe their way is best Believe their way is best for them, others can live their own way
Annihilate others in war Fight to show their metal and be unpredictable - not to annihilate
Get products and give products Get support and give support
Specialization; smaller and smaller family units till the breakup of nuclear family is complete Complete cradle to grave support
Laws prohibiting stuff - people know laws will be broken and this divided society into law breakers and upright citizens No laws prohibiting as it doesn't take into account that humans will break laws - so the laws are to minimize the effects of damage to society
Tribal security exchanged for money - a kind of substitute for the sense of tribal community that our species evolved with for 10,000s of thousands of years.

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